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Hello wonderful you,

We're Zhenya and Simon and here are a few things that we fill our universe with:
📚 Books. They take a big part in our life! I (Zhenya) work in a library. Nothing gives me more pleasure at work than opening boxes with new arrivals, with childish delight looking through books and turning their pages, smooth or slightly rough to the touch, in hope to find that very special plot that can become my next great reading adventure. I prefer fiction books that speak in low voices, tell “realistic stories” that we all share to a certain extent with a pinch of salt and melancholy but at the same time with firm hope in the end that if things are still not okay, they certainly will be in the future. And Simon likes non-fiction titles and sometimes biographies. He's one of the cleverest men I've ever met who from his early childhood constantly explores this world and has particular interests in history, politics and space.
🧦 Romantic and cosy things. We're “hygge souls” who prefer calm muted colours and soft materials and huge fans of Puuung drawings. For us they reflect the things that we tend to realize in our life: beauty of simplicity and love to details. Indie, folk music and Reinhard Mey (a German singer-songwriter) as well as natural sounds of rain and crackling fire always find their ways to our hearts and minds. Originally coming from Belarus, I love winters with lots of snow and “proper” snowdrifts and Simon finds his peace in German forests. Two things we miss a lot here in the UK.
👩🏼‍🤝‍👨🏻 People. Loved ones, colleagues at work, a stranger in the café, a bus driver in the early morning… Everyone has their unique story, something that really matters! Warm conversations, kind smiles and sincere laughter bring light in life so it's good to share it with others!

Please share with us:
🌟 what you love and what makes you happy (maybe this is your everyday coffee that you buy on your way to work, the monotonous sound of your wife’s knitting needles or calming purr of your old cat…);
🌟 your daily routine or your last news

Here are some ideas of postcards that we'd be very happy to receive but feel free to choose any postcard you like, we will love it!
🎨 charming cute and warm illustrated or drawn postcards by artists-illustrators (we collect them, please see our ❤️ to get an idea)
🧓 Inge Löök
🐋 illustrated whales and octopus 🐙
📖 books, libraries, bookshops, reading motives
🧦“hygge” postcards or any postcard that makes you feel cozy, peaceful, happy
🍵🥞 "cozy" drinks, cookies, pastry
🏵️ botanical postcards, gardens, vegetables, herbs and gardening tools
🌌Star Trek (Simon is big fan)

📩 We will appreciate if you put the postcard in an envelope (especially self-made ☺️🤗) to protect it.
💌A teabag, article, cooking recipe or a card of your fav café or any other small something would bring extra joy to our ❤️
Thank you so much!

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