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About Zero...

Hello everyone!

I will upload all the postcards because they are chosen by the members and send them to me. So I hope that the members who received my postcards will not delete it.
~Apr 2021~

No opportunities to travel around the world, so I hope can collect the postcard from all over the world currently.

I love getting all postcards, but if you would like some hints about my favorites:
- Your city or country or any place you've enjoyed visiting
- Nature - beaches and forests
- All about GREEN
- Cats

Don't forget to write the date on your card!

If you don't mind, I'd like to send you a special, but all are photos.

Besides, I always put my return address on my postcards, this does not mean you should send me one, I was taught this is what is correct so this is what I do, and just afraid the card will around the world, if you received successfully, no need to send me the return card.

P.S. I go to the post office once a week, usually on Friday or Saturday.

Have a nice day~~~~

目前未有機會 (能力/動力) 去環遊世界,所以希望藉此收到來自世界各地的明信片。


~since Apr 2015~

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Yr 2023
HK-811419 to US (sdoodle) on 20230124
HK-812082 to US (Ronnie) on 20230129
HK-812084 to US (csuite) on 20230129
HK-812991 to US (McAllisterEdison) on 20230205
HK-813003 to TR (siyah) on 20230205
HK-813789 to NL on 20230212
HK-814531 to DE on 20230219
HK-815297 to PL on 20230226
HK-815303 to JP on 20230226
HK-815321 tp PH on 20230226
HK-815323 to IN on 20230226
HK-816135 to US on 20230305
HK-819030 to SE on 20230402
HK-819042 to IN on 20230402
HK-821215 to US on 20230623
HK-821691 to PL on 20230426
HK-822184 to CN on 20230630
HK-822972 to TW on 20230507
HK-822983 to US on 20230507
HK-823802 to RU on 20230514
HK-823817 to DE on 20230514
HK-823818 to RU on 20230514
HK-823820 to RU on 20230514
HK-823916 to DE on 20230514
HK-824442 to US on 20230521
HK-824468 to DE on 20230521
HK-824469 to US on 20230521
HK-825137 to US on 20230528
HK-825144 to RU on 20230528
HK-825145 to US on 20230528
HK-825161 to US on 20230528
HK-826658 to RU on 20230611
HK-827383 to RU on 20230618
HK-827386 to RU on 20230618
HK-827401 to RU on 20230618
HK-828229 to RU on 20230625
HK-829632 to RU on 20230709
HK-830394 to IT on 20230716
HK-831157 to RU on 20230723

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