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About Zero...

Hello everyone!

I will upload all the postcards because they are chosen by the members and send them to me. So I hope that the members who received my postcards will not delete it.
~Apr 2021~

No opportunities to travel around the world, so I hope can collect the postcard from all over the world currently.

I love getting all postcards, but if you would like some hints about my favorites:
- Your city or country or any place you've enjoyed visiting
- Nature - beaches and forests
- All about GREEN
- Cats

Don't forget to write the date on your card!

If you don't mind, I'd like to send you a special, but all are photos.

Besides, just afraid the card will around the world, so stick my address at the card, if you received successfully, no need to send me the return card. I always put my return address on my postcards, this does not mean you should send me one, I was taught this is what is correct so this is what I do.

P.S. I go to the post office once a week, usually on Friday or Saturday.

Have a nice day~~~~

目前未有機會 (能力/動力) 去環遊世界,所以希望藉此收到來自世界各地的明信片。


~since Apr 2015~

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