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It's a great pleasure for me to have a chance to received from foreigner. I always wished to have a foreigner pen pal. I think it's wonderful to make friends with people over-seas through correspondence. First of all, let me introduce myself, I'm a girl of 19, in the first year of high school, Because of delay high school after middle school. Our school is co-educational. Our school has four exchange students from Denmark, Brazil, France, Hungary for one year. Hungarian exchange student is in the same class arrangement with me. In Taiwan the school year is divided into two terms. The first term is from September through January. The second term is from March through June. We have two long vacations, summer and winter vacation. We have school from Monday to Sunday. School begins at 8:00 a.m. amd close at 4:10 p.m. Our classes are 50 minutes long, and we have a 10 minutes break between classes. We have an hour's break for lunch after classes in the morning. Our school has no cafeteria, so we eat lunch in our classroom. I plan to take the "Comprehensive Assessment Program for Junior High School Students" in the summer so I'm studying hard to pass the CAP. I'm a honor student in our school, But nothing to be proud of, because of our school is a diploma mill. One of my hobbies is cheese tasting, therefore I work at Goodwell Cheese House. I especially like semi-hard cheese! I also work at Kawa Life so as to practiceing cutting skill. I want to be a speech therapist because I with articulation disorders . Practice makes perfect! Just like Δημοσθένης, Claudius, Boyle, Churchill transcend ourselves! I live in Tianmu with my grandparents is starts in 9th June 2019. Because lithromantic let me know that I really like you the boys were born on May 19, 2001 and July 03, 2002
You will probably want to know what I am like.
I like small things with sparkling like this, Because of ShanShan Re Ren Ai ""!
December 13th, 2019 it's my baptismal day. I praying every morning before I going outside and I also praying before every meals, I have the habit of praying and reading before bed too.
Nickname: Zavia
Moon Sign: Aquarius
Rising Sign: Pisces
Self Palace: Ziwei
Blood Type: Type A
Sport: Cycling/Walking I like to exercise,Walking 10,000 steps is the exercise I do everyday.
Recently, I have become very interested in Krav Maga and Aerial Yoga.
Singer: Elva Hsiao/Da Mouth
Actor: Miles Heizer He's so not cute!
I shall be happy if you would kindly send me traditional snack of your country. I should be very grateful if you send me some your language children's books/textbooks/workbooks!
I like talking about trivia with my pen pals on postcard.
Straight-A Student, Platonic Love, who can Writing and Poetry Writing is my cup of tea!
I like person who understand totally tasteful for dress, and totally tasty for eating, whether it is!
I love Lomo Saltado this traditional Peruvian dish!

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