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    (61 years old)

About Carla...


My name is Carla (61), I'm married for 38 years and I have two children (37 and 34)
I have 3 grandchildren. 2 boys ( 2017 and 2020) and a girl (2019) and number 4 is coming in August
And that is so wonderful!

My hobbies are patchwork/quilten, crochet, knitting, mosaic making, reading, walking, riding on my bike and listening to music like the Doors, Deep purple, Led Zeppelin, Rush, Frank Zappa, Queensryche, Pink Floyd, Iron Maiden, Nightwish etc.

I collect everything with blackberries on it, because my last name (surname) 'Braam' means 'blackberry'. In my house I have a lot of tableware like cups, mugs, plates, glasses and cans, all with different blackberries on it.
So if you have a blackberry card or stamps (It's alright if they are used) I will be so happy to receive them.
Or maybe you wil eat some Blackberry stuff (yoghurt, candy, tea) and send me the package ;-)
Perhaps you can use the package of blackberries as a card or you can make a card of it.
For example: the box of blackberry tea of the box of frozen blackberries.
But only the package of blackberries, I don't like other packages.

I would be happy with every card I receive, but if you’ll like to get some ideas, you can see the kind of postcards I like on my favorite-wall, that are all cards I haven't received yet.
I would love it if I receive one of those cards!
Or maybe you have something from the list below.

- First of all - I love blackberries
And then in random order:
- Tea or coffee cups, teapots
- Music! (perhaps one of the bands I like)
- Quilts
- Hearts
- Gaudi (with the mosaic) or something else with mosaic / tiles / stained glass
- Postboxes, letterboxes
- Birdhouses
- Tea, coffee or hot chocolate
- Bicycles / tandem
- Any card with knitting / sewing / crocheting or fabrics
- Stones / shells
- Doors, windows, stairways/staircases
- Door locks / keys / keyholes / door handles
- Alphabet cards
- 4 seasons on 1 card like this
- Tables / cabinets with dishes and cups etc.
- Paper money
- Sparrows
- Pokémon, Mario or Pat and Mat (A je to) for my grandsons

- Postcrossers from the United States of America....will you send me a map card of your state.
Please check my received cards.
And if you live in Michigan maybe you can send a card with the name Flint on it. That's the name of my grandson. I would love that :)

A large list....but be sure: any postcard will be treasured and I'm looking forward to read your message.
If it's possible, I like nice stamps.

Postcrossers from the Netherlands: Alsjeblieft geen Kerst of toeristische kaarten en graag alleen ansichtkaarten, geen wenskaarten. Of het moeten bramenkaarten zijn, dan is alles goed.

Thank you!

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