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Hey guys!!!

I am Yongran from China, and currently live in beautiful Glasgow, Scotland for studying my master's degree (for Maths). Now there is only a few months left before my graduation!
It is actually a journey for me to be here and I am so enjoying this ride!!

Don't hesitate to send me a message if you are interesed in a penship with me!

I love Disney, Pixar, Marvel, DC, Harry Potter, SPN, The Maze Runner, etc, bascially all the superheroes and magical worlds.
To be frank, there are soooo many kinds of movies and TV series that I love. Like Love Actually, High School Musical, Modern Family and Friends.

Also, I love travelling. It would be so great to know about your city and the life there. Maybe someday I would go and see how it really looks like :)

I love vintage and old-style life, maybe because of the slow and quiet pace which is different from my country lol.

You could talk about anything and send any kinds of cards. This I believe would be a surprise for me!
I'd love to read cards with long detailed messages, not just Happy postcrossing. Cheers!
If you don't know what to fill, it could be your daily life, things put your smile on, your favourite movies and TV shows, etc.
Also, please write down the date you send the card :)

Have a great life!

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