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Feel free to send any postcard that you like! Choose a card which you think it might suit me :-)

My hobbies are exchanging post and cards, surfing the internet, instant messaging, reading books (TTYL, TTFN, L8R G8R by Lauren Myracle were awesome), listening to music (Atomic Kitten, McFLY, P!nk, Natasha Bedingfield... mainstream), watching movies and series (Glee, Taiwanese dramas on TTV like "Fated to love you" or "Office Girls").

I am actually not explicitly collecting postcards or stamps. I only enjoy receiving, reading and answering them! But as my postcard collection grows, I somehow do "collect" them in a folder :-p

If you are from AUSTRALIA, could you put Kylie Minogue stamps onto the postcard?? My little brother is a huge fan of her and with your help, we could make his day :-)

By the way, I am a bookcrosser as well!

Thanks y'all!


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