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About Xapphirea...

TL;DR Envelope, fantasy postcard, piece of yarn, stay safe, happy postcrossing xx

Hey you, thanks for visiting my corner of the world.
My name is Xapphirea , I am 46 years old and live with my husband and my guinea pig Odin in the Netherlands, smack in the middle. I work in IT, a carreer change from my lab carreer before. In my spare time I play World of Warcraft, I watch series on Netflix and read fantasy/SF books.Oh and I crochet and do needle felting. Working on a felted Murlock and a crochetted dragon now.

I prefer my cards in an envelope, if it doesn't cost more. Both card and stamps are treasured. If you have a piece of yarn (5 + metres) I'd like to see if I can crochet a postcrossing sweater, any colours are welcomed! The brighter the better! Follow my progress on https://www.flickr.com/photos/151794361@N07/albums/72157710156161786

***2022 Special wishes: ***Extra points for matching stamps :)

**I came across this box: "Dungeons & Dragons 100 Postcards" and would very much like to have those postcards! :D

My collections: https://www.flickr.com/photos/151794361@N07/collections/72157692441248424/

****Other wishes ****
- Dragons! My absolute favorite! Show me those fiery beasts
- Halloween
- Winnie the Pooh and his friends, Alice and her friends
- Blue cats of Rina Zeniuk
- Fantasy themed cards (folded or single) (Do you read fantasy books? Which is your favorite?)
- Dandelion seeds <3 especially in the wind...
- Guinea pigs either drawn or photographed.
- Dinosaurs, mammoths, dodo's , sabretigers
- male nudes, photographed or drawn
- Modern windmills (the white ones)
- teddy bears, fluffy toys
- crochet, knitting, yarn
- snowy mountains
- anything colourful
- I don't mind home-made, if it involves dragons, dinosaurs, or anything rainbowy.

I prefer fully written cards :) For example; what will you do next, what is worrying you, did you read a nice quote, who is your favorite actor, who is your secret crush, what are you postponing or what is for dinner? Empty your mind on the postcard. I promise I will write a nice Hurray in return :)

So many people ask after my name, so here goes. It is a chosen name, named after my first mage in world of warcraft, Her name was Sapphirea, after her sapphire hair. I changed it to Xapphirea because that is more "me" somehow. One day I might consider making that my official name, it feels like that already anyway.

Thanks a million in advance! Keep healthy, keep safe.

last update:8 aug 22

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