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About Nora...

Hello to all over the world!

My name is Nora and I come from a small town in southern Germany.
I am 33 years old and mother of 2 girls. I work in a primary school as a school guidance with an authism kid.

My family is my biggest hobby but also my greatest adventure. However, I have other interests. I enjoy reading (fantasy books like "The song of ice and fire", Terry Pratchets "Discworld-Books" and "Wheel of Time" are my favorits),listn to music (from the Beatles till Mannowar), may like to watch exciting movies. Also playing on the Computer.

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I'll like all kind of postcards! So every postcard you choose for me is very wellcome! You can send me a postcard with your fav. game - fav. book - fav. musicgroup - movie or TVSeries - sports - place in youre town - animal - Christmas- and Holiday Cards are great in December, too - something selfmade what shows youre hobby to me... or just what you'll like to find at youre own postbox!

Its youre choise!

But pls - tell my on it why you choose this postcard for me! You can tell me also about your job, famaly, pets, the weather and everything you wanna share with me. Be creative with this and have fun;)

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