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About Petra...

Hello, I'm very happy that you'll send me a card & I'm thankful that you read my long profile,
PLEASE: I love stickers, but don't put it over printed tekst, that can be good info for me: artists/ webshop etc...

I'm fabulous 50 & 1 :-)
I work as a store manager at Cecil Fashion store in the place I live.
I'm happily married & have 2 kids (girl:25,boy:22)
4 cats:Kitty, Lily(1 eye) took her from the shelter(Oct.4-2014) world animals day, to give her also a warm & loving home. Felix ,got him from an old lady who went to a home for older people and Julia, got her from a young working couple who had no time for her.

https://www.flickr.com/photos/145432708@N02/favorites (my favorites)
https://www.flickr.com/photos/145432708@N02/albums/72157665044839848 (my wishlist)

I like any card you will send to me!!!
but if you want some ideas I love to get cards from my FAVORITES/ wishlist (I don't have them yet)
& here's my WISHLIST (it's only a wishlist no command) :

(even if it's Summer) For every Christmas card with a cat on it, that I
receive I'll donate €1,- to a shelter for homeless cats! So please
help, if you can.

* Easter cat cards
* Halloween cat cards
* Alexander Maskaev cats
* Anna Hollerer
* Blue cats by Irina Zenyuk
* Catitude by Marilyn Robertson
* cats by Fiep W. (NL)
* cats by Irina Garmashova
* cats with clothes on
* chats enchantés by Séverine Pineaux
* Dikkie Dik (NL)
* 3D cat cards
* Franciens cats
* Inkognito cat cards
* Lancy cat
* Le Chat Noir
* Pettson & Findus
* PUSS-IN-BOOTS (gelaarsde kat)
* Quote cards with cats
* Renate Koblinger
* Streetcat Bob !
* THE JAPANESE 'LUCKY CAT' maneki neko
* tourist card with cat on it

* Alphabeth compl.(A-Z) or only letter P
* Belle & Boo
* Blowing soap bubbles
* Calendar / advent cards
* Cards of the month September
* Disney
* Cards with name: PETRA
* Dreamcatchers
* EdC
* Ekaterina Babok fairies
* Fabric skirts on cards
* Fairies/ elves
* Finger puppets/ faces
* Flower Fairies by Mary Cicely Barker
* 4 seasons on 1 card /or just 1 with name of season
* George Michael
* Hear, See & be Silent
* Inge Löök
* Jip & Janneke (NL)
* Josephine Wall
* KEEP CALM and...
* Lily of the valley
* Lotte v Dijck/deverderkijker
* Mama with babies animals
* Mila Marquis
* Molly Brett / Margaret W.Tarrant
* Monica Maas (NL)
* Mother with baby animals
* Paris/ London illustr.
* paper dolls!
* people with red hair (I'm a redhead too)
* Pippi Longstockings
* Princess Diana
* Sinterklaas illustr.
* Sint Maarten(11nov)
* Snowglobes
* Tea/ hot chocolate
* Wobbling eyes on cards
* Youth sentiment (TV) '70-'90
* Zodiac sign VIRGO

my hobbies are:
...reading, traveling,
...shopping: postcards & paper stuff
...cook & bake à la Paleo lifestyle
...Young Living ess oils
XXX Petra

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