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My name is Lisa and I live in Colorado USA

I would say my city is famous for being the mile high city. The step of the Denver Capital building is at 5,280 feet. We are also among the first places to legalize recreational marijuana. I think people love to joke about it being the mile HIGH city- but really the only effect it has on my life is if someone is driving 15 below the speed limit i yell "What are you, High?!"

My hobbies include drawing people from photographs and then little other creative things. I started a embroidery project that I am enjoying and I pick up the guitar every once in a while. I like to read and am in the middle of IQ84 right now. The book is very very long, but I enjoy Murakami's writing. I also like The Catcher in the Rye though I know some people really hate it. I guess the guy who killed John Lennon was obsessed with the book and wanted to change his name to Holden Caulfield. I like how he has such a distinctive voice. I like how he is anti-consumerism and shows a kid going through a hard time, because we've all been through hard times and it shows the teen angst in a less annoying way than all the YA book these days.

I have really been loving California by Joni Mitchell. I like some other 60s 70s music- The City of New Orleans by Arlo Guthrie, Friend of the Devil by Grateful Dead, Like a Rolling Stone by Bob Dylan. Some other songs I like are: Tomorrow by Shaky Graves, Happiness is not a place by The Wind and The Wave, Too Young by ayokay Baker Grace, El Fusilado by Chumbawamba, Come to a Stop (feat. Kora) by Clueless Kit, Santa Fe (feat. Billionaire) by DEVOTED- If you were looking for a new song- please feel free to borrow one of these.

I like Buffy the Vampire Slayer "I'm tired of being everyone's buttmonkey!"- Xander
The musical episode (where a demon comes into town and makes everyone sing and dance) is obviously one of my favorites. Okay, yea I know its cheesey- but its a cult classic. I also like that 70s show and anything with Julia Roberts.

I would love to hear about where you live and what it is like there. How do you get around? What is the food like? Where is the happening area? Where do you like to hang out when you are away from home? Where do you never go? What do you do with people when they come to visit you? Where would you like to travel? Where have you traveled? How much does it cost to go out for dinner where you are? What is the weather like?

Just some suggestions if you are coming up dry. Have a great day!

Wish you well :)

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