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Wiese, Germany


is a member in Germany . She has been a member for over 3 years (1,367 days).
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  • Languages: German, English, easy Dutch, Latin
  • Birthday: 13th January
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Lat: 52.27, Lon: 10.53 | Google Maps

About Wiese...

Hello there,

My username here means "meadow" in German and I really like them, especially with appletrees on them. I am very fond of nature in general and I'd like to save our planet. Therefore I am living vegan and try to create as little waste as possible.
My picture shows me on the island Juist on a windy day in May 2013.

My hobbies are reading books, playing computer and Nintendo games and I am huge fan of metal genre music, my favourite subgenres are death metal, symphonic/melodic metal both mostly by nordic bands, but that varies from day to day. So if you could recommend any local bands to me, that would be awesome.
And now in summer, I am practicing my diabolo skills again. It is a kind of juggling toy with a string between two sticks and a "thing" that spins on the string.

Another hobby of mine is photography. I prefer taking photos in nature and here are a few of them:

Nice stamps are appreciated, but I am no collector.
When there is a quote on the card in a language I don't understand, it would be very kind of you if you could translate it for me. Otherwise feel free to express yourself on the back in any way that you like. I think receiving postcards is a great way to get a glimpse in another person's life.

I am happy about any postcard you choose for me. Some of the best postcards are something I've never thought of before. But if you like lists, here are a few topics that I enjoy a lot:

~Similar to my favourites-list
~Card 14 or 24 in your postcard stock (Please note that on the card, if that was the way of choosing)
~star constellations in the sky (best with their names and connecting lines)
~birch trees
~ocean and beach (without many people there)
~Flying whales (sky, space, everywhere!)
~Aurora borealis or australis (*1)
~Beautiful landscapes with or without meadows
~animals in their natural habitat (real photos please (means: no illustrations)) (*2)
~Tetris (and other video games too!)
~Computer related things
~paintings of persons who are painting (My collection
~Owls by Vladimir Arzhevitin (My collection:
~My little Pony: Friendship is magic (Fluttershy is best pony!) (My collection:

Selfmade cards and Maxicards are appreciated too.


(*1): I have a request for special Northern Lights postcards:
But I'm very happy about all Northern or Southern Lights cards!

(*2): Some animals I'd like to receive the most are: bats, black panther, chicken, donkey, guinea pig, hamster, jellyfish, lemur, mouse, shark

For the curious ones: Here's the album of the 14th cards (or another number as I change them from time to time):
It is such a great variety and beautiful postcards!