WendyG, Netherlands

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  • dutch and enlish
  • Female
  • 13th May

About Wendlyn...

Hi my name is Wendlyn and I live in the Netherlands.

I love to travel! Hopefully I get to see every country in the world in this lifetime, but since that probably won't happen, I now hope I will receive cards from every country in the world.
I'm a musician or rather a singer.
I love vintage inspired clothes and hairstyles.
I dance Flamenco and I love to receive any card related to Flamenco!!!
I love the 1920s, Art Deco, Great Gatsby

I love the colours of the ocean, like ocean blue and ocean green.
Lighthouses I love! If you could find me a card like that I'll be over the moon,
black and white photographs.
Cards with a husky, malamute, wolf or shiba inu I would love too..oh heck, any beautiful animal will do :)
If you can find me a card with Frangipani/Plumeria flowers, that would be a dream!
I love Wombats, penguins, koalas..well, any animal for sure
And ofcourse Flamenco!

Things to write about if you need inspiration:

-Please tell me why I should visit your country and why it should be on my bucketlist!
-Tell me about the things you love to do.
- your favorite book / bookquote
- if you're a dancer, tell me about your dancing
- your favorite band
- your favorite song so I can YouTube it and learn about music in other countries
- tell me about your day or weekend plans
- I would love a good recipe from your country.

I'll be waiting for all those cards that put a smile on my face, everytime I come home ♥

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