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About Sheli...

Hi, My name is Sheli - I've lived in Alaska all my life. My husband and I own and work in our store in Fairbanks and live in the next town over named North Pole - and yes there is a Santa Claus house! Even reindeer! Some of the town is decorated year round and we have candy cane street lights.

We send and receive our mail from our store in Fairbanks since it's more secure and our mail out by our house tends to get stolen since it's a roadside mailbox.

We enjoy spending the summers traveling in state as well as traveling through Canada on our way to visit the lower 48 to go antiquing and just seeing the sights.

We go fishing in one of our other favorite Alaska towns called Valdez - we go at least once a year for salmon...Gotta fill that freezer! Winters are kind of long so mostly spend the cold days after work crocheting or doing other crafts. I also have a nice size library of vintage/antique crafting, cooking and housekeeping books that I like to sit and read like am reading a novel haha! I do use some of the recipes though haha!

Have one daughter who recently moved to New Jersey (boy that time went quick!) For pets we have 3 very spoiled cats who enjoy watching the many cool animals that visit our backyard - We have a couple squirrels that visit daily along with about 9 ducks and a few Pine Grosbeaks fly in to scavenge for food and every now and then we see signs that a moose or bear have been through the back yard. Late at night we get owls that like to hunt the little critters (voles which are like tailless mice) and the bigger critters, the bunnies...poor bunnies! But the owls have to eat too - so it's either the owls or the lynx that visit that will get those poor bunnies. We also get red foxes and bats back there too. We left the back yard wild so the critters can be enjoyed and not forced out. We are lucky that the area area we live it's all left wild by the other home-owners and hopefully will stay that way, we enjoy the wildlife viewing.

Not picky about postcards - so send whatever you would like :) we have a gift/souvenir shop and have access to a large collection of Alaska postcards that I will be using to send out.

My husband is a stamp collector and I collect postcards and other misc paper items, so this will be a fun thing for both of us to do.

**sometimes people have a certain type of card they collect, I will try my best to fill the request...I have no requests of a theme or anything....can just send me whatever :) I also offer a postcard swap through my webpage