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About WWG1WGA...

I like to learn about other cultures and countries. That is my greatest passion.

Themes that absolutely fascinate me are: folklore, traditions, customs, ceremonies, dances and national dress. I dream of travelling the World in order to enjoy city views and countryside landscapes, both near and far from where I live.

Each region has a unique cultural identity and this is something to be very proud of. So could your postcard show me something about where you live? If so, that would be awesome!

I have a lot of different postcards to send out and I am passionate about finding the perfect one for each person. In reality, it is the aspect I enjoy the most out of this project. If you have a wall of favorites, I will look at it and use it as a guide to send you something you will really enjoy receiving.

The "favorites" on my wall are just a few examples of the types of postcards I find attractive, in case anyone wants to know my general taste.

PS Animals need our help to stop their suffering. Please encourage others to treat them with kindness and respect, for all they want is safety and well-being, just as humans do. Thank you very much!

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