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Vizzzzz, Netherlands


(or Viviane) is a member in Netherlands . She has been a member for over 8 years (3,260 days).
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  • Languages: English, Dutch
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Lat: 53.20, Lon: 5.81 | Google Maps

About Viviane...

Hello I'm a 32 year old social worker
I live in the north of Holland with a lot of water and space.
I live for four years in a small village with my family. But in november 2016 we move back to the city. We have one son his name is Nils, he is born on 17/07/2014.
I enjoy the life, with art/painting, sports. Biking on my MTB, walking and running. And shopping! I enjoy also reading especially psychological thrillers. We are now 'addicted' to Geocaching and find a lot of this caches with our Garmin in combination with walks or biketrips in the weekend. I am an vegetarian since I was 16.

I like cards with/from:
- Angels
- Aquarupella
- Art
- Art Unlimited
- Babies/breastfeeding/babywearing
- Balloons
- Berlin
- Bicycles/Cyclists (race/MTB)
- Big Cities
- Black & White
- Books
- Buddhas
- Cats (cute cards)
- Chronicle cards
- Colourful cards (balloons, sweets, kites etc)
- Cultural cards/ People of the world
- Dribbel (Stip in English)
- Fauna & Flora Belarus
- Flags
- Food (only vegetarian food)
- From your neighbourhood to see what the nature/culture is.
- Hiking/Mountains/People who are walking
- Hot Air Balloons
- Iceskating
- Illustrations from Sanne Dufft (Germany)
- India
- International Graphics, Fine Arts collection cards from Johara
- Jan van Haasteren (comic painter of jigsaws)
- Johannes Vermeer
- Keep calm Quotes
- Kontraste
- Le Petit Prince
- Mailboxes
- Mail related
- Mapcards
- Matryoshka dolls (Russia)
- Mini/Mini Cooper
- Nils Holgersson
- Nouvelles Images
- Painted Asian Women
- Paris
- Peacocks
- Postcard Store
- Religious
- Rolf Unger
- Stained glass
- Sunset
- Suske&Wiske/Bob&Bobette
- Tibetan prayer flags
- Typical Dutch
- Running people/marathons
- UNESCO World Heritage Sites
- Viewcard van je woonplaats/provincie (voor NLpostcrossers!)
- VW vans (T1/T2) (for my boyfriend)
- World War II (for my boyfriend)

I don't like:
- Free/advertising cards
- Handmade cards (or if you think it fits my collection send it!)
- Double/folded cards

Could you send your card written and stamped (no envelop). I love the cards with their stamp and brand and also 'damage' from their long travel! Could you also write the date of sending on your card? I am happy with every card so If you don't have a card who fits to my collection it's okay and send it to me. The idea to send and receive cards from different countries is great. I know that in some countries it's difficult to find other cards than buildings/tourist cards!

The cards that I made favorite here are cards that I like & I didn't received already.

Enjoy postcrossing! I have fun with it since 2008.

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