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About Ludmila...

Hello from Germany!
My name is Ludmila (Mila), I always try to find the perfect match for you, please do the same for me!
Sometimes I send 2 postcards, if it is the perfect match for you.

- NATIONAL PARKS, (I collect them!)

- everything about Queen Elisabeth of England/ Royals ( our Birthday is on the same day)
or other Royal Families, especially Royal Weddings

- Matrioschkas (I collect them!❤️)

- reading women

- Edition Tausendschön, everything sparkling!

- autumn season, Christmas season /New Year/ Birthday in April

- I Love Manor Houses / or national Trust areas

- UNESCO World Heritage areas or Citys

- Animals: I like turtles, owls and hedgehogs

- Postcrossing Meeting Cards!!!!!❤️

POSTCARDS from the Capital of your Country
POSTCARDS if you are in vacation/holidays

here some ideas:

from INDIA: Taj Mahal
from Russia: royal family, Peterhof, Zarskoje Selo, Katharina Palace, Eremitage, Siberia, Altai
from PORTUGAL: Santiago de Compostela walk
from SPAIN: royal family, Barcelona Casa Batllo from Gaudi, Camino de Santiago, the beautiful nature of Azores
from ITALY: historical places of Rome, Vaticano, Venice, Milan, Florence, the beautiful Palazzi, Amalfi and Portofino area, Palermo, Pompeji
from Greece: Akropolis
from Kroatia: Dubrovnik, the old town, Split (Diokletian Palace), National parks
from China: the great wall, Terraccotta Army, Buddha of Leshan
from USA: National Parks
from Canada: National Parks, Vancouver Island
from Ireland: Cliff of Moher, Trinity College and the beutiful Library, Rock of Cashel ....
from UK: royal family, Castles, Edinburgh/Scotland, Wales, Cambridge,Oxford, Windsor
from Finland: Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi
from Netherlands: royal family, Anne-Frank House, Rijks-Museum, Zaanse Schans
from Norway: royal family, Stavanger or other view of National Parks/Fjord
from Sweden: royal family, UNESCO areas like Öland or Visby and the beautiful Fjords
from Danmark: royal family, Trelleborg, Amalienborg and Christiansborg Castle
from Schweiz: die berühmten Landschaften, wie z.B. Matterhorn, Luganer See, Castello Grande usw....
from Austria: National Parks, Salzburg, Salzkammergut, Schloß Esterhazy oder andere Schlösser, Wien habe ich schon besucht ;-)!
from France: Castes (like Fontainebleau, Versailles), Loire area, Bordeaux, Provence, Carcassonne, old city Corsika, beautiful french gardens
from Poland and Slovakia: Tatra National park
from Romania: Dracula Castle, National Park Carpatia
from Israel: I love all greeting Postcards from the Holy Land! Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Jericho ...
from Malaysia: Borneo Flora and Fauna, National Parks (maybe Turtle Islands Park of Sabah)
from Australia: Opera Sydney, Ayers Rock, Great Barrier Reef

PLEASE*PLEASE: REAL Postcards: NO AD cards, NO old postcards,
NO Photos! ( I don’t register Photos)!
No envelope!
Please no black/white postcards! Thank you!