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I'm a vaguely software-engineery, slightly geeky British girl who grew up in Switzerland and now lives in Bristol. I like to read, play volleyball, the piano and sometimes the guitar, shop till I drop, watch films etc etc

I'm happy with any kind of card, whatever you like is fine with me (although I do love to see the classic touristy postcards of different places). Please don't send any advertising cards though.

There's no need to worry about putting pretty stamps on a card for me, I couldn't care less about stamps :)

I'm afraid I'll probably disappoint anyone who likes to be sent special stamps, because I'm struggling to get any. Hope you forgive me :)


Expired postcards:
GB-384800 to taatjes in Netherlands, sent 12/Dec/2012
GB-380796 to Youshuya in China, sent 26/Nov/2012
GB-352062 to chiachi0928 in Taiwan, sent 14/Aug/2012
GB-344649 to EtelvinaAmendoeira in France, sent 19/Jul/2012
GB-340717 to NiclasJoel in Germany, sent 4/Jul/2012
GB-338126 to Aurora-zuozuo in China, sent 24/Jun/2012
GB-299519 to Monachu in China, sent 14/Feb/2012

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