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About Vera...

Thank you for reading my profile! I am 29 years old, live in a very small village in the Netherlands and I love being creative! I love reading, writing, painting, crafting and mixed media. If you are curious, my instagram is:
With my boyfriend I love to go out geocaching and playing pokemon go.
And ofcourse, I love postcards!
I own a facebookgroup for Dutch snailmailers and postcardlovers.

Don't know what card to send me? These are some topics I would like;
(links are cards I allready own)

* Animal butts >>
* Odd animals (photocards only) >>
* Gaming >>
* Harry Potter >>
* Seahorse >>
* Puffin bird >>
* Beautiful old people >>
* Candy >>
* Books >>
* Pencils/paintbrushes/crayons/paint >>
* Feathers >>
* Zoo/Wildlife park >>
* Fairytale >>
* Disney/Pixar >>
* Inga Paltser >>
* Flora/fauna/owls of Belarus

I will also be very happy if you can find a postcard matching to one of my other collections
You can find the rest of my collection here:

You can also take a look at my favourites.
I do not put my received cards in my favourites, it is just to help you find a nice card for me.
So don't be dissapointed if I don't put the card you send me in my favourites! ^_^

I'm not much into tourist postcards, so if you can, safe it for someone who does love them :)
Since I send real postcards, I also prefer to receive real postcard, so please no prints or stickers on cardstock.

My mom collects stamps, if you have nice stamps and if it is not too much trouble I would like to ask you to send the postcard in an envelope, so I can get the stamp for my mom! Thank you

Thank you very much for the time

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