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About Veera...

Hi! My name is Veera. I'm 16 and I live in Finland.

I like art, animals and other cultures.
My hobby is riding but I also love fishing. Sometimes I like to geocache also. :) On my freetime, I usually like to read books or do my Bullet Journal.

I love conspiracy theories! So if you know some interesting ones please share them with me :)

You can write me about your favourite book(s) or if you are into Bullet Journaling, you can share few tips with me! :) Also I’d love it, if you can send me some washi tape -samples in envelope! (If you want, I can send some back too!)

I will be glad for any kind of postcard! I'd love if you wrote things you like about your country, your favourite places, sights or whatever you like.
Tell me something about you. What you like to do on your freetime, what's your hobbies or anything! You can also write your favourite poem and tell more about it or you can write your favourite quote -if you don’t have anything better to tell! Write a lot, I love reading postcards!

Here are few things that I like:

- Portland, Oregon -cards
- The Grimm
- Cute illustrasions of tea and sushi
- Parrots
- Anna Guz -cards
- Colorful cards
- Black and white cards (also ones with people on it)
- Old style cards
- Old maps
- Western style
- Dreamcatchers
- Hot air balloons
- Totoro
- Hayao Miyazaki movies
- Unicorns
- Space, stars, planets
- Astronauts
- Heavyhorses, coldbloodhorses
- Sunflowers
- Paintings, drawings of ships
- Sea, sealife
- Dolphins

I will lovelovelove every card about nightsky, planets and stars ♥

I don’t prefer some ordinary cat or dog cards so please avoid sending me cards like them. I’m not into basic town or landscapes of countries. They have to be somehowe special.

In the end of May and the first days of June I’ll be glad to receive happy birthday -cards because my birthday is on June 19th. :)

I like bright and pastel colors!
Yellow, orange, green, mint, lila..

Use a lot of decorations! Stickers, tapes, drawings..

And if you have some cards about Stargate Atlantis (you can also draw!)
I’d really REALLY LOVE IT. I’d be really glad! ♥

If you could write some words in your own language, I would be very happy! (with translation if it's possible)
Example write ”I’m happy” in your own language!

How did you got into postcrossing? What's the best part of it?

Also I’m interested in about tea-swaps.
Send me a message or a letter included a card, tea and your address.
Also remember to mention you are interested in for doing the tea-swap!
I’ll send you back some tea and a card. If you are allergic to something please let me know :) The most I like fruity teas. I’m not into herbs.


Then I can register it immediately.

Happy postcrossing! :)