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About Tupuliina...

Hello there! How are you?

My name's Marika, happily married woman and a mother of sweet baby girl born in July 2018. There's also many furry friends in our family: two dogs, two cats, five rabbits, four hens.

I've been postcrosser already many years and I just love this. I love the feeling, when I have a chance to make someone's day better, just by sending a nice postcard. And I'm so happy to receive postcards from all over the world ♥

I love bright, shining colors and all nature's beauty with animals. They are very close to my heart and I feel happy to live surrounded by colors and nature.

And of course, I'd be happy to receive very strongly, brightly colored postcards! ♥ Especially those with all nature's beauty and animals, but there's also many other beautiful, strongly colorful cards in the world, so you can just surprise me with something.

Pink is my absolutely favorite color and I also love those black & white postcards with a splash of bright color, they're so cool! :)

And in addition to beautiful colors, are these kind of themes especially close to my heart: (and what the more bright colored the better :))

- Rabbits/bunnies
- Hens and roosters
- Cows and bulls
- Sea, lake, waterfalls
- Library, books
- Letters, cards
- Beagle and Finnish lapphund (dogbreeds)
- Wildlife (animals) from your country
- Countryside, farm houses, fields
- Balloons, umbrellas etc.
- Windows/doors
- Salvador Dali's paintings
- City nightview with city lights. I'm a countrygirl at heart so normally cityviews aren't my favorite, but I like night views, especially if there's very colorful lights over the city!
- Funny, humorous cards (also drawings, comics etc.)
- Everything with pink, my favorite color! I LOVE it!
- Something sweet and cute, surprise me!

Also feel free to see my Favorites-wall. Some of them are cards I've already received but many of them are marked as my favorites from other people's wall - they're cards which I'd be happy to receive someday.

Take care and have a wonderful time with postcrossing!
- I'm already waiting for you mail ♥

P.S. Sometimes I'm lazy to upload cards to the wall, but sooner or later they all will be there :) (Except some older ones, which unfortunately got lost years ago before the opportunity to upload cards to the wall) Of course you can also upload the card before sending it to me, if you like to :)

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