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About Tina...

Hello world,
I am a High School English teacher, wife, mother and keen traveller.
I read . . . a lot!
I love crafting and drawing - just about anything creative.
I thrive on learning new things, meeting new people, 'alone time', being in nature, old movies, cats, a good glass of wine, and bellydancing.

I would love to receive postcards which reflect the essence of your country:
*maps *scenery *history *tourism *cultural costume * 'Greetings from..' Postallove postcards

Cards which are artistic or creative, even cards to do with:
*postcards *snail mail *stamps *literature *reading *wine *classic film posters
*classic movie stars are very welcome!

I also LOVE beautiful stamps!
Actually, I really just enjoy receiving a postcard!
As I am really interested in all cultures and languages foreign to me, I would enjoy it if you wrote at least one thing in your language on the card.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Instagram: @tinazinthwood and @theclassyenglishteacher

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