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Hi, I'm Eunice and I live in Lancashire, North West England. I'm mum to one grown-up son and owner of two dogs and three cats. When I'm not working as a commercial hygiene technician I look after other peoples' dogs and cats while their owners are on holiday. I love all animals and would one day like to have enough money to buy a house with a lot of land in the middle of nowhere and open up my own animal sanctuary for all the lost and unloved creatures who have no-one to care for them.

My two greatest hobbies are photography and camping, and I very often combine the two, using a camp site as a base from where I can explore and photograph different places. Two of my favourite places for camping in the UK are Norfolk and North Wales, especially the island of Anglesey where I go at least once a year. I also write two blogs and many of the photos I take while camping end up on one of them. I love to travel when I can and have had holidays in Scotland, Ireland, Austria, Italy and South Africa. I also like mice and have amassed quite a collection of mouse ornaments from various sources - they have to look like proper mice though, I don't like Disney or cartoon-type ones.

Music-wise my tastes are very diverse, ranging from light classical through easy listening and 60s and 70s pop to club music and trance - there's nothing like something with a good pounding beat to make my gym workouts go with a swing! As for books, I prefer light reading - chick-lit stuff is ideal - or true stories about animals.

I'm really looking forward to getting something through my letterbox which isn't junk mail or bills. I would love to receive postcards of flora and fauna, gardens, dogs, cats, horses, donkeys, birds, big cats, places, historic buildings and churches, stained glass windows, landscapes, seascapes and other scenery, or maybe something which depicts a little of your country and customs. Tourist cards are always welcome and it would really make my day if I get a Moomins card. I don't really like cartoon or advertising cards, hand made cards or those featuring royalty but other than that anything goes really - whatever I get will always be a most welcome surprise and I will endeavour to register all cards on the day I receive them.

Thank you to everyone who reads this and to those who send me a postcard whatever the picture - it's very much appreciated.

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