Tice, Netherlands

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Thanks for reading my profile and putting effort into writing a postcard for me. I appreciate it a lot!

My name is Thijs. I'm a 29 year old casual guy from the Netherlands. After I graduated as a social worker I'm working as a personal supervisor at a 24/7 residential location where I work with youngsters who have autism, an addiction and/or psychical problems. My work is very challenging and I enjoy it a lot.

In free time I like to ride my mountainbike, play handball, love to do some carp fishing and I enjoy travelling to the most beautiful places on the world. I prefer visiting cultural hot spots, but hiking all alone in a big forest pleases me as well. Because my boyfriend lives in Slovakia I use to travel a lot, but unfortunately due to the coronavirus it's not possible at this moment. It would be lovely to read about your travel stories to keep the travelling mind alive. If you can recommend museums then don't hesitate to write about them either!

✔️ Please send me postcards of cultural hotspots in your area.
✔️ Museum postcards are very welcome as well.
✔️ If you send an animal, then please let it be a boar, hippo or rhino!
✔️ Also if possible please put the date and place (city/town) on your card.
✔️ Special stamps are more than welcome, especially shiny ones. :-)

Good luck on writing. I'm looking forward to read your stories!


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