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27 November 2014: SAD NEWS TO REPORT

It is with deep sadness that we (Brian's brother and sister) have to let you all know that Brian passed away suddenly this week.

If you have been in touch with Brian recently, and do not receive any reply - this is why.

Should you wish to contact us, please email

Warm regards



Everything you see in my profile is just a suggestion, NOT a demand!

I am Brian from Bournemouth on the south coast of England.

I am retired, in my sixties and have been collecting postcards since April 1999.

If it is not more expensive I prefer to receive my postcard unwritten and sent in an envelope, with a note of hello or telling about the card on a separate piece of paper. I can then pass the stamps from the envelopes on to a friend who collects them.

I am mainly looking for map and single view lighthouse postcards for my collection.

But I am also interested in the following subjects:-

Flags, Famous People, British and Foreign Royalty, Disasters, Tramways, Cliff lifts, Cog Railways and Funiculars, Lifeboats, Chain Ferries, Carpets, Prisons, Clocks, Unusual Buildings or Structures, Musical Instruments, Fairground or Dutch Street Organs and Space - these can be either views of the earth from space, - photographs of other planets, even science fiction like Star Trek. Gargoyles & Grotesques, Wall & Floor Tiles and Stained Glass Windows.

Thanks to Postcrossers sending them I have also added the following subjects:- Keep Calm, lazy Postcards, Shell Houses, Street Art, Unusual Statues, Ferris Wheels, Indigenous People, Inge Look Ladies and Monster Trucks.

You can see examples of my collections here

If you are unable to send one of these types then a view card from your area with the location name on the front or back of the postcard would be nice.

PLEASE DO NOT SEND:- Home-made, advertising, folded greetings cards (Christmas or other holidays) as these are not wanted and are better sent to those who like them.

I also like Touchnote or similar cards made from your own photographs not images taken from the internet or scans of real postcards.

Whatever postcard you send will be most appreciated.

I register all postcards as soon as I receive them so if you have sent me a postcard and it has not been registered in a reasonable time please let me know.

I scan and upload all sent postcards before sending and received postcards as soon as I can after they arrive.

But as it is with Postcrossing it is down to you the sender to pick the type of card that you want to send perhaps you may start me collecting other subjects!

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