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About Alexander...

What ho!

Let me introduce myself a bit. You don't mind, do ya? My name is Alex and I live in a little mountain town called Kirovsk which is located on Kola Peninsula (according to Wikipedia, it lies almost completely to the north of the Arctic Circle). Feeling colder, huh?

I'm a book addict, vegetarian, year-round swimmer and runner, passionate traveller, TV cameraman and newspaper photographer. Well, probably I'm just a smart alec, aren't I? :)

I do love stamps!!! It would be incredibly nice if you put commemorative stamps (non definitive ones) on the postcard!

Some ideas on how to choose a card (in alphabetical order):
Ψ Astronomy, Astrophysics, Cosmology, Quantum mechanics
Ψ baseball, cycling, darts, F1, football, rugby, snooker
Ψ books illustrations, characters in literature
Ψ cave paintings, geoglyphs
Ψ coats of arms, flags, maps
Ψ deserts, mountains, volcanoes, waterfalls
Ψ dolmens, menhirs, stone circles
Ψ hand tools, scale models
Ψ Imperial Japanese Army
Ψ jazz musicians, vinyl album covers
Ψ legendary creatures
Ψ maximum cards
Ψ medical stuff
Ψ national parks
Ψ Nobel laureates
Ψ official film festivals
Ψ palindromes, proverbs, riddles, signs, symbols
Ψ Pokémon
Ψ science related things & jokes
Ψ Scotland
Ψ Surrealism
Ψ world religions and beliefs

Some postcards bring me down. I don't mind tourist cards at all. But please do not send them from mismatch country! For example, Italian tourist postcard should be sent from Italy with Italian stamps only, it shouldn't be sent from any another country. Sounds logical to me. A postcard that was sent in an envelope is not actually a postcard. So, save your envelopes for the postcrossers who prefer to receive a card in an envelope. I'm definitely not one of these guys.

Cheerio and toodle-oo!


I've never felt myself as a Russian. The more I live here, the more I want to leave this country forever. Those ruddy prats in government of Russia just don't give a damn about basic moral principles, human rights et cetera. As Russian film director Andrei Zvyagintsev frankly noticed: "It’s like being in a minefield, this is the feeling you live with here. It’s very hard to build any kind of prospects – in life, in your profession, in your career – if you are not plugged in to the values of the system". That's why living is getting harder and harder these days. I reckon this country is doomed eventually. So I'm open to new challenges. Maybe I'm the guy you're looking for :)

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