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Teacherette, Germany


(or Manuela) is a member in Germany . She has been a member for over 3 years (1,418 days).
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  • Distance sent: 2,217,595 miles
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  • Languages: German, English, a bit French
  • Birthday: 24th February
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About Manuela...

Welcome to my Profile :)

I'm Manuela, a 30 years old teacher-to-be from Hesse, Germany.

My hobbies are listening to music (nearly everything in between the range from Pink to David Garrett), reading books and going to the movies and travelling (to musicals ^^).

I would be pleased to receive a card showing

* famous buildings
* beaches
* dogs (especially German and Australian Shepherds, Golden Retriever and the like)
* movies (Harry Potter, Twilight-series, Minions, Finding Nemo, Shakespeare-adaptations)
* underwater pictures
* waterfalls
* dolphins in wildlife
* cactuses
* Neuschwanstein Castle and King Ludwig II. of Bavaria
* sunflowers, roses, tulips, lavender
* "Dia-Karten" by Hartung Publishing
* FC Bayern Munich
* cards from Postcrossing Meet-ups
* maps (including the continent maps from Postallove)
* musicals (The Lion King, "Tanz der Vampire"...)
* unicorns
* "Greetings from..." cards (cf. here:, also the inofficial ones (I already have BE, US, FR, NO, TW, CN, CZ, PL (lake), DE, RU, KR, JP, MX, SE, HK, LV, BY, SI, HR, LI, FI, NL, PK, LK, RO (inofficial), ES, Earth, Nutella, Ferrero, Brno, Bird Park Kuala Lumpur, Saint Petersburg, Sichuan, IN, BG, CY)
* places in Italy
* volcanoes
* the Mediterranean Sea and its islands (Corsica, Sardinia, Sicily,...)
* northern Europe
* big cities in the US: New York City, Boston, L. A., San Francisco...
* and for personal reasons the former "Sudetenland" (e. g. Olomouc, Rymarov, Resov...)

Dear Russian Postcrossers, I really like the magniArt-postcards and would thus be pleased if you could send me one of those cards (e. g. ID RU-5292658). Thank you very much.

If you come from a town that translates into ¨Newtown¨ (e. g. ¨Neustadt¨, ¨Nieuwstadt¨, ¨Nove Mesto¨), I would be grateful if you could send me a card showing that town.

... but any other card is fine as well.

Please do not sent me ad-cards (unless they fit the topics mentioned above) and postcards with nudes or anything erotic or war-related topics on it. If you like to send a home-made card, please use an envelope. It's also fine if you send a christmas card at christmas time or a birthday card in February.

It would be kind if you could write something on the card like why you joined Postcrossing, what's your favourite dish... or simply introduce yourself - be creative and add something more to a "Happy Postcrossing"-closing (or the like). And please add the date. Thank you very much.

If the card you sent me is close to getting expired please contact me.

I'm now looking forward to receiving postcards from you - no matter what kind :)

P. S.: Si vous pouvez parler (et écrire) Francais, vous pouvez écrire votre carte en francais - je serais très heureuse. Merci d'avance.


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