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About Tanushri...

My name is Tanushri and I'm from Calcutta, India. 🌻
-I'm currently in high school and aiming to be a chef in the future. I absolutely love -cooking and learning anything related to it.
-I love music and singing and I'm also trying to teach myself how to play the guitar. I'm mostly into hip hop but I am open to any kind of music.
-I love animals. I have a pug called Ninja and an albino mouse named Tonic
-I volunteer as an animal activist and I teach children and their parents about keeping pets and how to love animals.
-I was into playing basketball but because of studies that faded away. I still love watching sports. Especially football.
-I love cars. my dream car is a black Jeep. ♥
-I'm open to any kinds of postcards. But illustrated and animated ones are my favourite.πŸ’›
-Big fan of shaped postcards!
-I love stickers so would be great if u can send me some.😍
-I love fruity tea and am currently collecting few.🌻
-I love stamps with animals on them.
-I love postcards with food illustrations or any cute/funny illustrations on them
-If u have an Instagram account or snapchat.. please mention it🌻
-Tell me a dish u would recommend me that is popular where ur from.
-Please Try NOT to send a scenery card :)
Would love to hear from you soon!
Happy Postcrossing!🌻

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