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***SORRY, we are unable to continue. We will send a card back to all cards posted to us by end of Feb. We hope another group will pick up this account so the kids can continue. BUT Please do not send or request cards until further notice.***


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Hafa adai! (Chamorro for Hello)
We are the Tinian Public Library doing postcrossing with children ages 5 and up and adult volunteers and staff.

For official swaps one of the students or staff will send a card back if you include your USER name and ADDRESS. In an envelope we can swap up to 5 cards matching the number you send. If you have printed mailing labels please include one for the return envelope.

***Note: ALL cards are welcome, BUT for Holiday mailings - cards showing or telling a bit about that holiday in your country would be especially welcome.***

We are eager to see and hear a bit about your part of the world, your customs and holidays. Maybe you could say hello in your language. The students especially like cards showing things they can't see here - like snow, BIG animals, waterfalls, lighthouses, windmills, castles, royalty, monster trucks, haunted houses, etc. Map cards are educational for them too. They love humorous cards too.

Please - no blank cards. We need cards with messages to display on our walls, for the children and staff to read. PLEASE write or print a short message VERY CLEARLY so even the younger children can read it.

Tinian is a small island in the North Pacific and is part of the Northern Mariana Islands. We have beautiful clear water full of beautiful fish and corals. And we have a jungle full of historic ruins. In between is our tiny village where the library is located.

You can learn more about Tinian and CNMI on the internet.
Sites particularly good for their pictures are:

***We register cards promptly so if you have one that's been travelling to us for more than 6 weeks - let us know. Even coming here it rarely takes that long.***

Si yu'us ma'asie! (Thank you in Chamorro)
TPL Staff

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