Syth, Netherlands

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About Sanne...


You're on the hunt for information about me because Postcrossing HQ gave you my address. It might be helpful to know I like postcards that show or include:

Food & Drinks // Candy & Cakes // Contact sports/Collision sports // Movies/Films // Music/Instruments // Modern art & Contemporary art // Black and White // Black and White with Color // Magazines/Newspapers // People // Young animals

I like learning about people and their culture. Most of all, I'm interested in their daily routines and habits. Don't be shy to tell me about yours!

Most Postcrossers ask for reading recommendations, I humbly direct you to my newly written story. Link in bio. Or feel free to pick my brain about it, on the postcard you'll send me.

I'd appreciate it if you'll write the date on the postcard. Apparently envelopes are a 'thing' on Postcrossing. But it isn't really a necessity when you send postcards to the Netherlands. Usually I make mine out of the wrapper from a chocolate bar.

My friends rely on me for knowing strange or little known facts. Or use a famous quote in everyday life. To be or not be. That's the question!

Doei 👋🏼!
Number of ‘forever floating' postcards: 28.

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