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About Svetlana...

Hello from Belarus!

I like the idea of getting postcards from all over the world and especially to send (!) them to different countries and to talk about my city. This postcard from Cameroon is liked by many postcrossers I'm glad;-)

a little bit about me...
My name is Svetlana. I live in Minsk. I have three daughters. They are wonderful and I very much love them. 2 years ago we took a Scottish cat Ashley. She is awesome;-)
I work as the engineer-economist in the institute of the Academy of Science of Belarus. I like spending my summer vacation at the Black sea. Of course I love our Belarusian forests and lakes. They are beautiful.

More than anything else I like the art postcards;-) I love art in all its manifestations: from the ancient world, or even from rock drawings, and to our days. I like aquarelle, oil and so on ... and I love cats in art!

As a child I collected stamps on the themes of "Art" and "Flora and Fauna." So I'm glad to get an art stamp on your postcard or a simple cute stamp there (if you have any). Thank you.

my YES to postcards:
I'd like to receive postcards such as:
- Art postcards (my favorites!);
- some famous and not-so pictures, I like "Still Life", the sea and landscapes in the picture, CATS in art. I like to read about the artists and their paintings, which I had not heard;
- view of your city or country (some interesting places or buildings), I like romantic small streets, benches, bridges, fountains, street lanterns, interesting and curious sculptures (but NO monuments);
- lately, I like black-white postcards and maxicard with theme stamp;
- I like real postcards from your country;-)

my NO for:
- I love animals very much, but NO pictures with animals, wild and pets, and especially insects (with the exception of art postcards with animals);
- photos of known people on the postcard;
- I also do NOT really like the "multi view - tourist" card;
- NOT the self-made cards and AD and greeting card, please;
- Do not just printed pictures or your photos (I can do it myself;-)
- Please do not send me postcards related to religion, it's not for me.

I invite you to watch my favorite postcards:-)
But, of course, I will be glad to get any postcard you choose for me.
Please, write on a postcard something about the image and a little about yourself or your country. Thanks. Oh! Write your name and the name of the city and region or state in which you live (and also on your native language, if possible). It will be interesting!
Please, send me a postcard without an ENVELOPE and labels or stiсkers. I like hand-signed, dated and stamped postcards. I think during the travel from you to me it obtain an unique character.

Best wishes from Minsk!

p.s. Our family collects magnets from different countries, if you are interested, we can make the exchange. There are a beautiful and interesting magnets in Belarus))
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