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About Paulina...

Hi, my name is Paulina. I love travelling, writting and reading. I'm interested especially in fantasy literature and non-fiction, but not only. I speak Polish, Russian, English and I understand a little bit German.

I'd love to receive postcards with:
- landscapes (especially: sea, mountains, sunsets, but also woods and lakes),
- your home town/city or sights / monuments / architecture characteristic for your country (castles and palaces, some modern architecture or ruins etc.),
- graphic, pictures, children books illustrations,
- Winnie the Pooh,
- fantasy, fairy tales (dragons!!!),
- manga,
- interesting photographs, unusuall sights / situations,
- vintage and old postcards,
- copies of famous paints,
- wolves, horses and cats,
- if you're from Finland, I'd love to receive postcard with Moomins,
- if you're from Czech Republic I'd be greatful for a card with Krtek.

They can be colourful or black & white as well.
If you really have no idea what to send me, you can check my favourites.

Please write down a date on your postcard.

I don't like postcards with just greetings written on them or only one sentence. Please write something about you, your day, favourite book, your country or about the view on the postcard. Some poetry or interesting aphorism will be great, too! I like long letters, so I'd be happy to read a lot of text :D

I wish to have all sent and received cards in my postcards wall. So please do not delete the images of cards which you receive from me. I scan all postcards - sent and received - and add them to my postcard wall.

Я буду очень рада открыткам и письмам на русском :)
Я очень обрадуюсь открыткам с изображениями картин Виктора Васнецова, Василия Сурикова, Ильи Репина, Михаила Врубеля или других русских художников.

Letters would be also appreciated ^^

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