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About Sari...

My name is SARI and I am a Finnish lady. Now I live here in The Netherlands.
I have two passions, Strawberry postcards/stamps and scrapbooking. I have more than 1300 different Strawberry cards and a little bit less Strawberry stamps. My house is full of all kind of Strawberry items. I do also patchwork and photograph. I collect Washi/masking tapes, that's my newest hobby. I already have more than 250. I love also Bullet Journaling stationary stuff!

I don't particalarly like any printed photos, city views, old, B&W+sepia, CHRISTMAS or Holland related cards. Perhaps you save them for someone who will enjoy them more than me. You make me extremely happy, if you can send me a Strawberry
postcard with Strawberry stamp. I know, it is hard to find them, so do not get stressed. Please, don't feel limited by this list of topics! This list is only a dream, not demand!

-REPRINT ADVERTISEMENT (I don't mean old age, from grannys attic,city views)
-MOVIES (they can be ad)

-decayed/abandoned buildings, garden houses, watermills, barns, outhouses, mobile home, caravan, AIRSTREAM

-Jugend, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Arts and Crafts, Cubism, Hungarian and Viennese Secession, Bauhaus, Avant Garde

-doors, windows
-door locks, keyholes, keys, knockers, hinges, latches, door handles
-mail boxes, mail slots, anything post related
-telephone boxes
-gates, fences
-ceilings, roofs
-stairwells, stairs, handrails

-Cocks, chickens
-Coca Cola, Pepsi, Fanta
-angels, devils
-Halloween (anytime round the year)
-3D, Hologramround
-teapots, -cups

-Railin Runokortit, Torpan Tarinat, Iittala, Arabia, Raija Nokkala, Minna Immonen, retro Muumit, Katja Saario, Virpi Pekkala, Elsa Beskov, Inge Löök's garden cards (numbers 1-58 have already), Helene Schjerfbeck, Kirsi-Maria Aho, Koiramäki

My favourites: I would like to have someday.

Please, no envelopes, date them and write your USERNAME.

Last but not least; I choose carefully every card I am going to send. Everyone is based on the postcrosser's profile. Every card is genuine postcard. I would love it, if you do the same. Thanks for caring about these things.

I wish everyone pleasant time with postcards and I look forward you card.