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About Stephanie...

Hello everyone,

I hope whoever is reading this is having a great day :) So what can I tell you about myself... I love traveling, in the last few years I've spend time (to work and study) in Iceland, Namibia, America, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and Scotland. Its just so much fun to discover new countries.

Besides traveling i like to read books, cooking and baking (if you don't know what to write, just jot down your favorite recipe) :), listening to music (i am a big big fan of musicals), Beatrix Potter stories, watching ice hockey and just enjoying the places that I am currently staying at :), oh and i love movies, especially disney movies, romantic comedies, fantasy movies or the BBC classics (like the Austen or Bronte movies, even though i love the books even more) and tv-series (current are doctor who, gilmore girls and the big bang theory). I'm also a big Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings/Hobbit fan :)

Sending letters and postcards is so much fun and even though there are some types postcards I really like, I will be happy about whichever card you choose for me.
I like ones that show the places where they are from (touristy postcards, map or flags from your country or state),maxi cards, something typical from your country, town or culture, recipe or food postcards, or ones showing the marine environment/wildlife :) If you have postcards from National Parks or Marine Reserves or something like that, those would be really appreciated as well. But I am happy with any kind of postcard you think i might like :) If you need or want more inspiration have a look at my favourites :)

I also really enjoy seeing all the different stamps that different countries issue (while I am not a serious collector, I think its just really interesting what different postal systems decide to be worth putting on a stamp) :)
If you're from Britain and have the new Royal Mail Beatrix Potter stamps/postcards or any of the Jane Austen/Alice in Wonderland or Doctor Who stamps you would make my day if you use them. The same goes if you are from Japan and have the Peter Rabbit stamps :)
If you are from a European Country and have any of the Europa stamps I would love to see them.

Please write the date on the postcard and please write something on the postcard as well :)

Happy Postcrossing :)

P.S.: The cards under my favourite are cards that i haven't received, so don't feel sad if i don't favourite your card, i'll still love it :)

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