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Shalom, anashim,
Name's Romey. Romey Jondorf
Thank you for your time.
First of all, in case you don't read all of this (because it's really long),
I have to tell you now, I LOVE THE MOVIE "TWILIGHT"!

I also love writing short stories, so it would be nice (If you're a writer) to write a passage of a book, or some other thing you've written, on the back of the card :)
I am learning 'español' (Spanish), and so it would be nice to receive postcards 'en español'.
And, I'm also learning 'עברית' (Hebrew).
I like cityscapes, doesn't matter if you live in a city, a town, or a village, I still want it! (But seriously, I want postcards of "Twilight"!

I love views of sunsets, especially if the sun's set over the crest of a hill or mountain! I also like ancient tribal homes...if there are even postcards of those XD, especially native American tipis, and other ancient dwellings. And if you live in Egypt, it's gotta be the Pyramids of Giza, the Sphynx, or the Valley of the Kings, or something to do with Ancient Egypt...or it could be of hieroglyphics!
But even if you live in the back of beyond, I still want postcards of "Twilight"!
I also like museums...especially if they have mosaics in them...
And historic and religious buildings...of absolutely any religion!
I'd especially like synagogues, please. I like walled cities.
And, please, postcards of Twilight! - As I said up top.

Bye for now!

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