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About Gerlinde...


I'm Gerlinde from the Netherlands. I'm 41 years old, married and I have 2 children. A boy, 9 years old and a girl, she's 8 years old. We live in a small village between Amsterdam and Utrecht surrounded by lakes.

In my free time I like to sit on my red couch with a cup of tea and a nice book, bake a pie with the apples from our little apple tree or buy a dress (somehow I only wear dresses). Under the apple tree stands my little free library. Walking in the woods or running through the country are more favourite activities of mine. I also like travelling in real (I met my husband in China many years ago) or through postcards I receive. Music and going to concerts is another passion of mine. And I love receiving snailmail and writing letters, buying and sending postcards!

Here you can see most of my received postcards sorted by subject: https://www.flickr.com/photos/129534636@N08/sets/

I enjoy postcards with/from (I know it's a long list, but there are so many beautiful postcards):
* Pokémon or My little pony
* Little red riding hood
* Alice in Wonderland
* Reading or writing women and books
* Typewriters, mailboxes, mailmen or other mail related cards)
* Radios or record players/vinyl (my husband works for the radio)
* Painted/illustrated birds and flamingo's or women
* Oriental themes (Asian/Chinese/Japanese etc) Especially painted women or cherryblossom
* Umbrellas and rain
* Tea
* Audrey Hepburn
* Botanical art (botanical drawings of flowers and plants)

* Lanternpress
* Nathalie Lete
* Cards from Editions des Correspondances or Edition Gollong, e.g. from Mila Marquis, Marie-Anne Foucart, Mila, Marie Cardouat or Limoon
* Tausendschön
* La Marelle
* Aquarupella
* Cartes d'art
* Les Editions de Mai, e.g. Amandine Piu
* Santoro
* Jolinne
* Annika Hiltunen
* Karel Capek (teashop)
* Inkognito
* Greetings from (Postallove)
* Galia Zinko, Nino Chakvetadze, Olga Badulina/Olyabad, Irina Smirnova, Inga Paltser, Katya Dudnik or E. Gapchinska
* Miffy/Dick Bruna
* Fiep Westendorp
* Moomins

Or see my favourites... But i'm happy with every postcard you'll send to me! :-) It's just like a little gift in my mailbox!

If you don't know what to write, I would love to read about your favourite music, books or tea or something about you and your daily life.

Have a nice day!

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