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About Sonia...

Sonia (or Sophie in French), 23 y.o., linguist, translator, interpreter, language nerd, feminist, mudblood, Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart fangirl))

I'd be very happy to receive postcards with:
- something with northern nature, like Icelandic, Norwegian or Swedish: landscapes, plants, animals;
- animals, especially foxes, deer and snowy (polar) owls;
- anything about sea: lighthouses, ships, compasses;
- cosmos;
- spring flowers, especially snowdrops;
- myths-related postcards: fairies, selkie, fairy tales (except for Alice in Wonderland and Belle - don't like those), mythical creatures, esp. Northern myths;
- Harry Potter cards, but only related to the 1st, 2nd or 3rd films;
- ancient manuscripts;
- something connected with feminism and/or LGBT+ would be cool (please, no nudity, and - if you decide to send something obviously connected to LGBTQIA, if you can, please, put it into an envelope - I'm afraid because of all this "gay propaganda" thing it wouldn't get to me. Sorry about it. It's not me, it's Russian government);
- Russian musical folk-rock group Melnitsa;
- anything connected to Stephen Colbert or Jon Stewart: postcards, posters, pictures, badges, bracelets, anything - I'd sell my soul for that;
- postcards with augmented reality;

If you want to write a postcard in French, feel free to do so. I still understand some)

If you don't know what to write, here are some ideas on what I would like to read:
- Something unusual about you, something that is not written on your profile. What is special about you?
- You don't have to write only positive things. Just tell me the way you feel at the very moment you're writing the postcard, even if you're depressed, angry, frustrated... We're all human beings.
- Anything connected with feminism again.
- When it's time, wishes of happy birthday (September 20th), Merry Christmas and Happy New Year are also very welcome.
- That'd be great if you ask me any question, even a crazy one (nope: ESPECIALLY a crazy one))), I'll try to answer, when I register the card))
If you feel like writing me a letter or if there's just not enough place on the postcard, feel free to do so, I'll be really happy to receive it.

I did put that I don't want direct swaps, but I would like to make some friends. I'm a little too impatient to write handwritten letters all the time, so maybe it would be easier for me to do email, Twitter, vk or something like that) So you can send me a message if you want.

Thank you in advance!

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