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About Sirkku...

Receiving a postcard is a great joy! Particularly I love stamps. Though I have never bothered (to learn) to collect them I admire the pictures and cultural messages they reveal.

I am not picky about cards :-) but I truly like the traditional postcards that tourists send. You know, showing the main railway station, the market place. Name of the city printed to the card with curly letters ... If you have a "boring" tourist card and a "cute" card, please send me the tourist card.

Please send a card from your own country. I know that sending cards is fun when you are on holiday, but please send then to your family & friends and show the how lovely it is to receive a postcard. But for me, a card from your own country.

I am also interested in your royal families and presidents as well - including Mr Trump.

Postcrossers from Czech Republic! I have two Pražský krysaříks and would love to receive a czech made card (photo/illustration) showing a Pražský krysařík.

No envelopes please. Let the travel show.

I scan all the postcards that I send, please do the same if you can. IF you don't' have a scanner, no problem.

Please do not delete my card uploads since I like to see what I have sent :-)

I love choosing postcards. I always try to get the right card and stamp for the right person. As you know sometimes it is easy, sometimes very hard. I have a nice collection of postcards as I have been buying them since 80's. it is just a lovely feeling when you read the profile and suddenly figure out that you already have a card for him/her, bought years ago.

I register postcards as soon as I receive them. If you've mailed a postcard to me that is about to expire, please send me a message. If you scanned the card before mailing it, I'd like to register the ID number.

In line with that appears to be general policy here I don't make the cards I receive favourites. I rather say my thanks with registration or on the "Description" of the card.

Please notice that I am not into direct swaps generally, but if you wish to do a swap with maxi cards drop me a line.

If you live in Russia I would love to receive postcards showing beautiful metro stations in Moscow. Also would love to receive vintage USSR postcards.

P.S. Here is my instagram. Mostly pix of our dogs Pim & Morris.

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