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About Siegfried...

Hello all postcrosser friends,

I am Siegie from Germany, I live in Leverkusen a City near Cologne.
I am a Supporter of tzhe Footballclub Bayer 04 Leverkusen. like to fishing and travelling around the world.
About my avatar, This is our Kuki, he is a western rosella (Stanleysittich) and over 20 years old.

Postcards that i like:
Beautiful natural landscapes
Aurora borealis
Birds of your Land
Other animals of your country
Fishing Motives
Football clubs, players or Stadium
The wizard of Oz
Northern mythology
Nils Holgerson
Astrid Lindgren
Science fiction
Humorously postcard
Dart (PDC)
Spirits and beer
Wintermotives ( i love the winter)
in the end of Novenber / December christmas-cards,
December / January new years card
Funny birthday cards in March

Or all what you like.

Well,you could write down something about you,your dream,recent life,your hobby or every you like.

● ● PS ● ●

If you have sent me a card, and it has been traveling for over 30 days ? ?

Please message me because it shouldn't take that long. Do not hesitate to contact me ......

Just give me the ID - Then I can Register the card
You do not have to wait 60 days, to get a new adress.
I send you a message if the postcard really arrived.

Happy postcrossing


Expired postcards: :-(

DE-7816035 to 688 (Taiwan)
DE-7809199 to OchaThalib (Indonesia)
DE-7775656 to ilona102 (Czechia)
DE-7773719 to Knietschi (Germany(
DE-7767614 to zhixuan729 (Taiwan)
DE-7761302 to Hikmet (Turkey)
DE-7736658 to MabelSammo (Hong Kong)
DE-7710168 to pous (France)
DE-7705033 to Happylein (Germany)
DE-7682465 to lcazmq (China)
DE-7644111 to Dlgobeli (USA)
DE-7575512 to zhileungw (Hong Kong)
DE-7526396 to Patrikeewalex (Russia)
DE-7489957 to karolinatomkova (Czechia)
DE-7306331 to Abby0719 (Taiwan)
DE-7279358 to HHandmore (China)
DE-7255244 to nikaalv (Latvia)
DE-7175846 to maelene02 (Australia)
DE-7175845 to cjswjdqls0101 (Korea (South))
DE-7173073 to C- (Netherlands)
DE-7127506 to Nazliezgi (Turkey)
DE-6965010 to patriciaol (Spain)
DE-6787710 to chiep14 (Malysia)
DE-6468308 to EZCheesK9 (USA)
DE-6465556 to neslihanim (Turkey)
DE-6392235 to TyasuliHQ (Indonesia)
DE-6374029 to beckychentw (Taiwan)
DE-6157921 to shaxtan (USA)
DE-5971968 to pannytao99 (China)
DE-5924940 to okanmaz42 (Turkey)

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