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About Pete...

My name is Pete. Chronologically I am an adult. I have two metal plates in my head and a bad attitude towards self importance. I am allergic to cotton wool.

There's nothing better than opening up the spray painted red microwave that is my letterbox (impressed?)and finding a postcard. Well....there are some things that are better.......caramac irn bru reruns of cagney and Lacey monkey the magic roundabout not using punctuation finding a playing card in the street. I could go on. I often do
Send me a pleasant card or I will set my savage teenage children upon you. They will hunt you down and roll their eyes at you whilst sighing loudly. They have hidden powers. They will be able to find food in your house in seconds. Their powers are not really hidden.

Please send me your recommendations for literature and music and I will be unlikely to read them or listen as I am old tired and lacking motivation...and any quotes or sayings in your language and culture that you wish to share.....and I will reuse them and pretend to be wise and urbane

Is there a film, song or book that you often quote? Try to stop that.

What is the most expressive/interesting word and meaning in your language? I wish I could speak german....for that reason

Or...tell me the era in history in which you feel you really belong. As Prince once said 'tonight we're gonna party like its 1799'. And with Brexit coming we probably will be back there pretty soon.

Or.. tell me which playing card best represents you....I am the five of clubs.....obvs

Please write in your own language if you would like to.....English is overrated
The following area is intentionally left blank

Send me the strangest card you have....

What is the best thing you have ever stolen

What word best describes you...

Do you take things literally....

Do you hate hypocrisy in others

Do you dislike people who answer their own questions....I do

If I give you list of things that I like will it inspire you or irritate you

Are you irritated at my lack of question marks.....or my over use of dots......

Should I use all 3000 available characters in writing this drivel

Has this profile confirmed all your worst fears about British people....yes I know...Brexit.....I am sorry....sorry kids...granddad isn't really a racist for voting for xenophobia...well maybe he is a little bit...but he might give you 20 quid if you mow his lawn and talk about cricket

Can you help me find my car keys....

What is the point of my existence...and is it better that it mains a mystery to me

I am only interested in direct swaps with people called Jenny

Send me a postcard darling.....

kind regards


....and the that of my dog, Nina, with Suilven in the background....apologies to wife, children, and other dog who do not feature along with more general apologies to them and others....for everything . I am not apologising to the cat. i hate it and it hates me

I must be approaching the 3000 word lim

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