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About Victoria...

Hello :),

My name is Victoria, I am a lawyer, mother of 2 kids, boy and girl, 14 and 15 y.o., owner of one very cute dog (chow-chow breed, cream color) and two budgerigars (grey and light blue). You can see my animals in my instagram viki_zen, I have a lot of them there)))
On February 04, 2014 I married with my beloved (very much beloved) man and cards about love and marriage are very welcome ♥ HE IS THE BEST MAN AND HUSBAND IN THE WORLD!!!! :) (for me of course :D)

Eğer türkseniz lutfen türkçe yazınız ;) Benim eşim Türk, ben Türkçe biliyorum :)

Please, till December 25 send me Christmas and New Year cards if you have them :)

Besides this my most favorite types of cards are:
-interiors, wooden and brick houses (cottage style, especially in flowers)♥♥♥
-love, romance, marriage (only adult people)
-narrow streets with old houses
-beautiful food , especially with recipes
-budgerigars (home parrots = волнистые попугайчики)
-black British and every-color very cute cats and kittens
-chow-chow dogs (ONLY these breed of dogs please!)
-happy old people
-maximum cards (or just cards with matching stamp)
-Simon's cat, Shreck with Feona, "Frozen", Minions!!!
-CROSS STITCHED CARDS and schemes for cross-stitching
-flowers - field flowers, roses, pinks (carnations), orchids, lilac, water lilias, lupines, ranunculus, tender bunches of flowers
-postcards for further coloring - like this
-cards with word "Victoria"
-Gemini Zodiac sign (only Gemini please!)

Friends from CHINA!!! For me the best card from China is the card with Hutong 胡同 or slum 贫民窟 . Thank you very much in advance!!!

You may NOT scan the card you have sent - I do it always, sometimes together with stamp :)

P.S. If you don't know what to write - here are some ideas:
*your hobby
*your usual breakfast
*your pet
*tea or coffee?
*where you would like to travel?
*how you met your love?

P.P.S. Beautiful stamps on the cards are VERY WELCOME!

Дорогие русскоговорящие посткроссеры, особенно из Беларуси и Украины! Пожалуйста, НЕ НАДО ни современных зданий, ни памятников! Думаю, открытки, например, с цветами (гвоздики и люпины прямо очень люблю!) можно найти везде, только не новые (и советские) здания и не памятники, ПОЖАЛУЙСТА! И пишите на русском языке, пожалуйста, если вы им владеете. Заранее спасибо.

Участникам русскоязычных РР: всегда рада видам центра Москвы и других городов из любых старинных времен, Тверской улицы, фотооткрыткам с советским бытом, открыткам с мудрыми высказываниями и всему, что связано с Турцией

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