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About Sini...

Hello everybody,

I love to explore the world and am always planning my next trip when I am not actually travelling. :) I am a keen photographer and have my camera with me always. I love reading, going to movies, listening to music and going to concerts when possible, taking long walks in the forest, being with my family and friends. And I am absolutely addicted to Postcrossing Meet Ups and attend at least ten every year!

ANY CARD IS WELCOME, though I am not really a fan of multiviews. If you found one of the following it would really make my day.

* Unesco WHS
* cards of Indigenous people, ethnic groups, tribes, national costumes, traditions
* Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Brigitte Bardot, Gael Garcia Bernal, Javier Bardem, Julie Christie, Helen Mirren, Cate Blanchett and many more
* umbrellas and parasols
* map cards
(I have got map cards of all US states now, but new maps are always welcome)
* Post related, especially mailboxes, mail carriers and people reading/writing letters
* Anything coffee, tea and soft drinks related
* All kinds of cakes and other sweet things
* Food typical for your country
* Doors and windows
* Bicycles
* Books, people reading
* Castles
This is just a wish list, if you don't have any of above don't worry. Just send me a nice card and I will be happy. :)

You can also have a look at my favourites on the postcard wall to see what kind of cards I like. All cards on my favourite wall are ones I would like to have, but don't have yet. If I have forgotten to remove a card I've received the shame is all mine. :) Or surprise me with a card I didn't know I wanted!

Don't give my address to any third parties (i.e. Touchnote etc.)!

Environmental issues are very important to me, so before printing my address and ID consider writing them by hand. Thank you for caring. I'd appreciate it if you didn't decorate the cards with stickers (especially the raised ones as they create dents on other cards as I store them in boxes) or decorative tapes.

Both sides of the card are as important to me, so please write more than Happy Postcrossing or Greetings from xxxx on the card :) :) Rather than repeating your profile text I'd love to read about little moments in your life, which mean more than it seems at the first sight. Please write the date on the card, I am not checking how long you took to send the card but when I am old and sit on a rocking chair and read the cards, I would like to know when they were sent. Interesting stamps are always a plus though I am not a collector. I just like to look at stamps from other countries.

If you have chosen to send me i.e. Marilyn card or coffee related one etc. go ahead. I don't expect anybody to go through nearly 10000 cards to see if I already have it. But if you are sending a card typical to your country, I'd be very grateful if you checked which cards I already have from your country

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