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Saaar, Netherlands


(or Sara) is a member in Netherlands . She has been a member for over 2 years (1,043 days).
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  • Distance sent: 410,763 miles
  • Last seen: about 14 hours ago
  • Languages: Dutch, English, German
  • Birthday: 5th March
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Lat: 53.25, Lon: 6.40 | Google Maps

About Sara...


I'm Sara (call me Saar), 31 years old, and I live with my boyfriend and our hyper Welsh Cardigan Corgi named Wallie.

I'm a scientist, figuring out how to start my own practise as a (life) coach. I spend my time free time doing volunteer work; I help people with their taxes and writing official forms, and I collect books and clothes and stuff for another charity. I enjoy walking in the forrest, cycling, visiting friends and reading.

What I love most about Postcrossing is to read what you have written :) Tell me anything!
For example... you feel about the current political situation in your country or city (if you care about politics)
...what makes you happy you've handeled life's setbacks
...whatever you want to tell me, or is on your mind right now!
Feel free to just go ahead and skip the small talk if you want ^_^
I truly love to hear your story!

All cards are welcome!!
Whatever you feel like sending me.
Envelope or not, I love it all.
See my favorites (favorite cards I received) for some inspiration.

Some suggestions:
* Handmade cards(!!! I love to make my own cards too!)
* Drawings, oil paintings, etc
* Cute goats
* Minions (!!! Love 'em)
* Food (I am a vegetarian thought)
But truly ANY card or letter is welcome!! (Although I'm not a huge fan of kitchy angel cards or religious cards.) Surprise me!
But please NO SPIDERS (just writing this down creeps me out)


♥ A special request ♥

Mid-August, my dearest mother-in law (Anne-Marie) will turn 60! Seven years ago she suddenly lost her husband due to cancer. A few years ago, she also lost her job working in a store selling (tailor made) shoes for the elderly and people with disabilities. Despite life's setbacks she has fully embraced life, and currently her unemployment ;-) She's painting and tidying the house, reading a ton of books, doing yoga, taking courses and trying new creative things. Lately, her passion is using different painting techniques on canvas. She lives in a rural area (in between farmers) and loves nature; especially the open space and animals. She loves to bake and cook (and eat), playing board games with her son (who lives with her), and her cat.
To surprise her, I would love it if she would receive cards from all over the world for her birthday. So, if you got my address, please send me an additional card (to my address) for my mom. Or, if you just stumbled upon my page, you can send me a message if you want to participate.
She loves angels, wine, and inspiring quotes about life. In August, I will surprise her with it :) Try to write very clearly, as the English language is challenging for her. It is getting better after she visited her sister in Canada a few times. (Going there was her first flight ever, on her own, and she was so nervous and so proud of herself afterwards!)

Feel free to participate in this, but don't feel obliged!