Roosina, Netherlands

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About Ina...

I am an open-minded, down to earth kind of person
Worked in the bookkeeping dept. at a transport company for many years
Have 4 furry cat-children, (2 on earth and 2 in heaven) whom I love very much
I Love and Respect Animals!
My tattoo-collection (large ones) consists of 9 at the moment

I am: cats, animal rights, flexitarian, recycling, freedom, sea, (drink)water, brandless, writing, psychology, positivity, music (a.o. Metallica, Nickelback, Kensington = Dutch band), tattoos, photography

I collect CAT (='.'=) stamps

My favorite themes of postcards are:

☺ One from my Favorites wall

Ⓒ CATS art/drawings/pictures/ad cards, f.e.:
☞☞☞ Irina Garmashova
☞☞☞ Irina Zeniuk
☞☞☞ Annemarie Bardon
☞☞☞ Séverine Pineaux
☞☞☞ Gotochi card 'CAT' Nagasaki => Received from Japan / 15.7.2017. ♥
☞☞☞ Francien van Westering


❀ Gothic, Witches, Vampires, Halloween, Mermaids, Fairies
✟ Old Cemetries / Prisons of your country
☯ Mata Hari, Cleopatra, Marilyn Monroe, Shiva, Lakshmi
☃ Dragon(chinese), Maneki Neko, Matryoshka, Tutankhamun, BASTET
♡ Perfume, Soap, High heels/pumps, Tattoos, Naked art
§ Sharks
☞ Old Mercedes Benz, Antique porcelain, Saxophone, Zündapp, DAF33
☺ Mainzelmännchen
♥ Hearts, Kisses
♪ New Movie Cards (ad)
♫ Vincent van Gogh paintings
❈ Mushrooms, Onions, Garlic, Herbs, Vegetables
❀ Wild Flowers, DAFFODILS
❀ Inge Löök=>´Inspiration from nature´
ƒ Frogs
ß Birds of Paradise
♛ Your state/city/village
❏ Maps of your country
☂ Station buildings
♖ Castles of your country
✔ Zentangle (art of drawing)

or what ever you choose for me.. ;)

►{You may even send me a piece of a cardboard package cut out in postcardsize (no envelope) from food, drinks, candy or catfood from your country}◄

❀=> Please date your card <=❀ Thanks!♥

I love to read something about you:
- who you are, where you´re from
- what's important in your life or
- just what you want me to know.. :)

Your postcard will be registered on the day of arrival :)

On tuesday, 24-10-2017 I received a postcard from Jessie in Taiwan, username: Jesie, but I could not register the card, because the ID was retained over a year ago in september 2016, the card is similar to the card with ID: TW-2226142. (I messaged Jessie on 26-10-2017).

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