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About Sarah...

Hello to my fellow Postcrosser!

My name is Sarah and I live in Wiltshire, England with my 3 sons, 1 cat, 1 pygmy African hedgehog and 3 giant African land snails

I work full time as a statistician, but in my free time I pursue lots of hobbies and interests. I’m just one of those people who can’t just sit still and relax - I paint, I make collage, I cut stencils, I bind books, I make jewellery, I sew, I needle-felt, I like to rubber stamp too. I am also a keen (but not particularly talented) photographer.

I am a HUGE fan of ice hockey (my teams are the Vancouver Canucks and, locally, the Swindon Wildcats).

As a family we enjoy geocaching and visits to theme parks (LOVE roller coasters!).

I am also very into music (rock, alternative, punk), especially live concerts.

I would love to receive ANY postcard that you would like to have received yourself - preferably something a little unusual or weird.

If possible, please send the card itself stamped through the mail, not in an envelope. thank you!

If you need more ideas, I would be especially thrilled to see anything from the following list come through my letterbox:

- Cards from or related to Vancouver, or Canada in general
- Anything to do with ice hockey or skating
- An art related card (either shop-bought or one you have made yourself)
- Anything to do with tattoos
- Anything to do with graffiti
- Anything kind of spooky / gothic – I really like graveyard angels
- Evidence of ancient civilisations, such as stone circles, pyramids, ruins etc
- An interesting / quirky / unusual feature of your home town or local area
- Roller coasters / theme parks
- Geeky stuff – I like anything scientific / space related / to do with maths and numbers
- Any picture that is beautifully photographed
- Anything relating to rock/metal/grunge/punk music
- One of those really cool American postcards that has "Greetings from OHIO" (for example, any state will do!) and the state name is in big letters with photographs inside.
- Anything downright off the wall, kooky, peculiar, weird, crazy, even in bad taste
- Really UGLY postcards, the kind that makes you wonder what on earth posessed the manufacturers to make a card with that picture at all!

When you write the card please do tell me a little about yourself or where you live. And I would love to know, what are your hobbies apart from Postcrossing?

I look forward to receiving your card!

I register, treasure, and thank the sender for every postcard that I receive.

best wishes to you and your loved ones


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