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About Serena...

Hi there,

Welcome on our page!

Our names are Robin (25 years) and Serena (24 years). We live in the Netherlands, in De Meern. We are in a relationship and just live together since the 1st of August 2019. Serena works as a primary teacher and Robin works in the mechatronics.

We have a dog (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) who's called Teddy and a
bunny called Snowball.

We love to go to the zoo, cinema and also going to concerts. Also we play Pokémon Go together but we do have our own hobbies: Robin loves gaming (PS4 and Nintendo Switch) and taking care of his car. Serena's hobbies are Postcrossing, photography, crocheting, taking care of the animals.


We would like to receive cards about:
♥ your country
What do you have in your country that is so special? Maybe it is the
landscape, food, animals or maybe something else?
♥ City/States/Country maps (I would love to get from the USA!)
♥ Cards with the dogbreed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniels
♥ Cars (Lexus, Toyota, Volkswagen)
♥ Puffins
♥ Moomins
♥ Pokémon
♥ Nijntje/Miffy
♥ Die sendung mit der Maus
♥ Disney/Pixar cards
♥ Krtek/Molletje/Maulwurf cards
♥ Natasha Floksy-cards
♥ Where is Wally - cards
♥ 3D-cards

We would love to read a story on the back. Tell me something about:
♥ Yourself, your hobbies,your studies/work
♥ The card
♥ Your day
Please write anything you want!

Because we don't have much money to travel all around the world, we would love to get little things from your country. So I you have something, I would love to get it! (A coin, a map, a fridgemagnet, if you have something for me put it in and you will get something back!)

We love beautiful stamps also!

Don't forget to write the date on the card, please!
NO AD/Free cards please!

♥ ♥ ♥ Happy postcrossing! ♥ ♥ ♥

Expired cards 2016:
NL - 3509067 to Kareto4ka in Russia sended on 19 jul 2016
NL - 3509082 to proudGma in USA sended on 19 jul 2016
NL - 3489400 to AnnaKorotkova in Russie sended on 1 jul 2016
NL - 3477580 to cindagarden in Australia sended on 20 jun 2016
NL - 3346464 to gizema in Turkey sended on 28 feb 2016
NL - 3297101 to Natalia79 in Russia sended on 19 jan 2016

Expired cards 2015:
NL - 3267053 to amymyer25 in USA sended on 22 dec 2015
NL - 3213238 to mutaliksamarth in India sended on 6 nov 2015
NL - 3198713 to topoloska in Italy sended on 25 oct 2015
NL - 3188852 to Altafia in Belarus sended on 17 oct 2

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