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RiddleMeThis, United States of America


are a group of people in United States of America . They have been members for over 6 years (2,365 days).
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Lat: 42.29, Lon: -85.59 | Google Maps

About RiddleMeThis...

Hi! We are a family with four kids (girl age 11, boy age 9, boy age 7, and girl age 5) and a mom and dad.

Sorry if our profile is long, each of us contributes a bit, and it just grows.

We love postcrossing because it makes the world a bit smaller.

We would love for you to let us know what makes you or your home (house, town, state, country, continent) special or unique.

We would love if you told us a (kid friendly) joke.

The oldest 2 children have just discovered Google translate so a phrase on the card in your language would be fun, either front or back. (And though they have tried to enter Cyrillic, I am afraid it would need to be in the Latin alphabet for them to be able to use the program)

Do you know your nation's/state's/region's bird? Child number two recently became fascinated by this subject since he learned the USA's bird was almost the turkey.

We love mail and look forward to hearing from you.

With Love, The Riddle Family

P.S. A few desires that will change over time, but with small children their interests are always changing....

We have those in the house that are currently fans of My Little Pony, books of all sorts, Legos, cheese balls, Star Wars, video games, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, roller coasters, religious iconography and churches, tourist sights, dance, ducks, strawberries, and beads.

... so if you have cards that represent those things we'd love it, but if you don't have one handy, don't worry. We will love whatever you send.

We are not currently able to scan cards, so if scanning is important to you, please scan before you send.

Thank you so much!