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About Rick...

Guy trying to enjoy life as much as possible in a modest way. If I can drink a good glass of beer now and then with some good people, hearing a piece of good music like (2 tone) ska or the Ramones, seeing a feel good movie, going to a (punk)rockconcert, writing some stories, letters or cards. Then I'll be really satisfied with my life. I've already that odd behaviour to send myself postcards from cities from all places where I've been, now I know it's really not that strange to do so, thanks to you all!!!

I'm a member for sometime, and at last I know (a little) what kind of cards I like the most. So this is what I came up with to give you an impression:

- music cards with subjects Ska, Punk(rock) and Ramones.
- beer related cards
- cards with statues on it, maybe you can also give an explanation
- comic cards with Kuifje (TinTin/Tim & Struppi) and Asterix
- cards with a lot of red on it
- sky lines of cities
and you can make my day also with cards from:
- Cameron Diaz, Scarlett Johansson and Monica Bellucci
and last but certainly not the least for me:
- with the BBC S.F. program Dr. Who
and finally:
- cards with modern (fast) trains like ICE, Thalys and Shinkansen

you can also take a look at my wall of favorite cards to give you some kind of idea.

Nice stamps would be really appreciated

If you don't know what to write, maybe you've got an opinion about the next subjects:
Last movies I saw in the cinema:
1. The boy and the heron
2. The Equalizer 3
3. Oppenheimer
4. Barbie
5. Mission Impossible, Dead Reckoning, part 1

Last CD's I bought:
1. The Courettes - Back in mono, b-sides and outtakes
2. Die Toten Hosen - Reich & Sexy II
3. Fleddy Melculy - Sabbath Fleddy Sabbath
4. Fleddy Melculy - Helgie
5. The Mighty Mighty Boostones - When god was great

Last Concerts I saw:
1. The Busters (Dld) in Düsseldorf
2. Marillion (UK) in Antwerp
3. Pennywise (USA) in Amsterdam
4. Bad Cop/Bad Cop (USA) in Utrecht
5. The Courettes (Bra/Den) in Haarlem

Last books I've read:
1. Herman Brusselmans - De man die werk vond
2. Mark Kelly - Marillion Misadventures & Marathons, The life and times of Mad Jack
3. Herman Brusselmans - Vrouwen met een IQ
4. Mike Gayle - Volgens hem & volgens haar (original English title: His 'n' Hers)
5. Hugo Logtenberg - Achter de Dijk

Thanks for your attention,
let's make our world a little bit nicer, more peaceful and healthier!!!


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