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About Rettub...

I received a card with "the view of Alpes"from"SWITZERLAND"!!!
But there's no ID o it. :(
If you sent me this card,please tell me!!
Or I can't register it.



I'm Rettub,from Taiwan.
I'm studying at university,majoring in history.
I'm really passionate about ancient civilizations,especially the Egyptian Civilization!

I prefer to postcards with:
-old architectures
-landscapes in your own country(both photographic and painted)
-snow scenes
-cuisines native to your country
-handmade ones
Well,to be honest,I'll love any card you sent me!
P.S. Please don't send me any card with snakes!!!

I hope you can write about your live,job and hobbies as many as possible.Or you can tell me the cultures,traditions,festivals of your hometown.I want to see more than just greetings!! :)

And you may also write down some words or sentences in your own language with English translations!!Thank you!

Would you please post a bit different stamps?Thanks a lot!!

If you're interested in direct swaps with me,welocome to send me an e-mail to inform me!

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