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About Clarence...

I am a 47-year old teacher from Singapore. I teach 13 - 16 year-olds Geography, History, and Humanities. A geographer and sociolinguist by training, I am always interested in learning more about histories, cultures and countries of the world. i like pop music (both English and Chinese), reading, traveling (23 countries and territories so far and transited in 3 others), visiting UNESCO World Heritage Sites (84 so far), going on treks to different parts of my city-state, taking photos, and collecting stamps..

I also especially like to send and receive postcards, both from my own travels and from other people. Joining Postcrossing since April 2010 has been a most wonderful and delightful experience.

I appreciate every and any card I receive, as long as it is one that you find interesting. but if it is easily within easy reach, I find myself drawn to cards that feature the following:
~ Lighthouses: I like these postcards the most, actually. My blog site of the lighthouses I have visited / seen and lighthouse stamps and postcards that I have is: <>.
~ Animals: tapirs, tigers, elephants, bovines (e.g., cows, yaks, bisons), pandas, bears, marine mammals (e.g., dolphins, whales, porpoises, walruses, sea lions, seals), penguins, sea turtles, or manatees, sea cows, and dugongs
~ Buddhist images (Buddhas, monks, nuns, Buddhist temples, Buddhist iconography)
~ Communist propaganda art (any country's)
~ "Keep calm and ..." (or parody) cards
~ UNESCO World Heritage Sites in your country. My blog site of UNESCO sites is: <>
~ Flag of your country (covering whole front of card, when it matches the country sent from)

I have another blog site which compiles the other 'wishlist' (i.e., non-lighthouse) postcards I have received: <>.

However, this is just if you need suggestions; I carefully sort and store any card that you send into my collection. I'm ok with ad cards that you find interesting. Also, I'm fine with duplicates; I get excited when I receive the same card from two different people as the synchronicity amazes me!

But, please use the postcards by writing on them and putting stamps on them (and not put them into an envelope). Also, if you can remember - and have space for it - the date too!

Thanks in advance for anyone who will be sending me a postcard. And, if I have not registered your card after a while, it probably means it got sent to the universe of lost postcards (where many cards I sent out are). Just send me a message and I'll gladly register the card anyway; after all, you tried and it s not your fault that it got lost.

Have an excellent life! :)

要我用汉字写作是,对我来说,很辛苦的事; 但,让我读汉字却没问题。所以,如果用汉字对你会比较方便,就用汉字写我的明信片吧! / 要我用漢字寫作是,對我來說,很辛苦的事; 但,讓我讀漢語卻沒問題。所以,如果用漢語對你會比較方便,就用漢語寫我的明信片吧!

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