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About Jeanneke...


An die deutsche Postcrosser:
Seit einigen Monaten läßt unsere Post die Briefe und Karten aus Deutschland mit Sandd hier besorgen. Dann werden große Papierstreifen auf der Karte geklebt. Oft quer durch die geschriebene Nachricht, oder auch auf die Briefmarken. Manchmal drei Streifen auf eine einzige Karte. Ich verstehe nicht, wieso dies gemacht wird. Weil ich doch gerne lesen würde was ihr mir so schreibt, bitte ich euch die Karten in einem Umschlag zu verschicken. So werden sie wenigstens nicht verdorben und kann ich sie noch genießen. Dankeschön!

I'm a woman. I'm married, but I don't have children.
The love of my life, are Keeshonds. The big grey ones! Look at my profile picture. I always did have such a dog (sometimes two of them) during my whole life. At this moment I have two Keeshonds again. And this makes me very happy. I love them very much.

I also like sending letters and postcards to all kinds of people all over the world. I have penpals since the age of 14.
It's still really great to receive a card or letter. It would be wonderful if you could send me one. Please tell me something about yourself.
Big part of the fun of postcrossing for me is to find the right card for the right person. Please try to do the same for me.

Please don't send me cards which are used before!!!! So, no greeting cards which you received yourself and cut into a postcard.

Please don't call me Jean. That is not my name. In the Netherlands Jean is a man's name!
And please don't change anything in my name or address, otherwise your card might got lost in the mail.

I would like to receive cards with:
the picture of a Keeshond (this would be the greatest surprise).
Young animals
Brown or black bear
Polar bear
Dogs, especially grey Keeshond, Husky, Finnish- and Swedish Lapphund, Eurasier, Samojeed, Chow Chow
Guinea pig
In fact I like all furry animals.
Blue fronted green amazon parrot
A famous or beautiful building
City view
Rina Zeniuk (blue cats)
Teddy Bear

For Postcrossing-friends from China: please send me a card with a Panda-bear, I would really appreciate it. I'm sorry I really don't like the traditional Chinese pictures and paintings in vague pastel colours. I like bright colours!

If anybody did sent me a card and I did not register it, please let me know and I will register it for you. I always scan the cards which I send and receive and I register the cards I receive within 24 hours.

Please write the date on your card!

Expired cards:109
Australia 2
Belarus 9
Canada 1
Czech Republic 4
China 10
Finland 3
France 3
Germany 8
Hong Kong 1
India 4
Indonesia 4
Japan 1
Lithuania 3
Macedonia 1
Netherlands 3
Norway 1
Phillippines 3
Poland 2
Portugal 1
Russia 12
Slovakia 1
Slovenia 3
Spain 1
Switzerland 1
Thailand 1
Taiwan 6
Turkey 3
Ukraine 5
USA 10
South Africa 2

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